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To any prospective customer:
While doing research on a new POS software package back in 1998 and deciding on a new solution for us, we found Micronix (now merged with DataTech Corp.).  The transition from old to new software is never an easy task and is always frustrating. The crew at DataTech was and ”still is” very supportive to our needs.  They understand the urgency for our needed support and follow closely to keep us informed and updated with new versions.  I would recommend DataTech Corp. and crew to anyone in need of Point of Sale software and support.
— Mark Gibbs General Manager / Partner American Camper Shells & Mother Truckers
Price Busters Hawaii has been doing business with DataTech since March 2008.  Their knowledge, professionalism, and flexibility are top-notch.  From our first day with them, they have been a wealth of information and guidance.  We had DataTech take the lead in our upgrade project with minor issues.  They tested and re-tested the conversion process on a duplicate system to ferret out any major problems.  The support team at DataTech has been outstanding.  Their support manager went above and beyond the call of duty when we experienced a SQL scripting problem with our POS software.  He worked through the Labor Day weekend with the programmers of the software to locate the problem and had a fix within a couple of days.  Now that is support.  Anyone who’s decided to go with DataTech will truly be happy with the end result.  You cannot go wrong!
— Brad Beavers Network Administrator
DataTech has always been very reliable for any problems that we’ve ever had.  Anytime we would need anything or any emergencies they would be right on top of it before we can even blink.  We have never had problems with them and they have always been so helpful.  I would definitely recommend Datatech to anybody out there and you certainly can’t go wrong with them.  We have always felt really comfortable with them whenever we needed anything done, I definitely feel like they are part of our business and like family to us.  Thank You
— Sean Demircift, Puzzle Zoo